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Baldwin County Divorce Appeal Reverses Excessive Alimony Award and Protects Inheritance from Spouse

by William L. Pfeifer, Jr. on September 14, 2011

in Family Law

A Baldwin County divorce appeal handled by our office recently resulted in a victory for our client who appealed an excessive alimony award and fought to protect his inheritance from his wife’s cross-appeal. In the case of Kreitzberg v. Kreitzberg, the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals held that the trial court had correctly determined that Mr. Kreitzberg’s inheritance was his separate property and was not subject to division in the divorce, thus rejecting his wife’s attempt on appeal to gain a portion of his inheritance. The appellate court further agreed with us that the Baldwin County trial court had imposed an excessive alimony burden on Mr. Kreitzberg and overturned the alimony award for violating Alabama Code Section 30-2-51(b)(3). The case will now go back to the trial court to reduce the alimony award and adjust the division of assets while still protecting Mr. Kreitzberg’s inheritance from his wife.

In some upcoming blog posts we will address the legal issues from this case in greater detail, particularly the issues of when an alimony award is excessive and when a person’s inheritance can be treated as marital property to divide in a divorce. If you need to appeal a divorce court judgment from any family court in any county in Alabama, please feel free to contact our office to discuss your rights. We provide statewide legal representation in divorce appeals. You can call us toll free at (800) 737-3702, or send us an email with information and/or questions about your case by using our online Contact form. You can also learn more about Alabama divorce appeals by clicking here.

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