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Alabama Legal Forms Available Online in Word or Wordperfect Format

by William L. Pfeifer, Jr. on March 27, 2013

in Legal Forms

Our Alabama Legal Forms page can be reached by clicking here.

Although we have a focus on appellate law, we still get frequent client inquiries about preparing various Alabama legal forms. While this was a part of our law practice in the past and we do have a large library of legal forms available, we are no longer engaged in that area of law practice. However, rather than continue to send people away, we decided to look at other options.

We considered making our own in-house legal forms available online, but the process for doing that is extremely time-consuming. Instead, after reviewing a variety of sources and methods for making legal forms available to our clients, we entered into an affiliate relationship with US Legal Forms. The forms we have reviewed from their service have been superior to anything else we’ve seen online and appear to comply with the requirements of Alabama law. We have even used some of their forms ourselves, which is probably as high an endorsement as can be given to a legal forms service. We cannot guarantee that a particular form will be right for your situation or that you will use it correctly, of course, but these will get you off to a better start than just randomly choosing something off the internet and hoping for the best.

Understand that not all legal forms are equal, and not all online sources of legal forms provide the same level of quality. As a general rule, we have always recommended against buying off-the-shelf legal forms, especially those sold in office supply stores. Most forms of that nature are generic stock forms that are not customized to comply with the law of any particular state, and may not be valid. We have also recommended against using online legal forms preparation services, as they are typically just filling in the blanks on those same stock forms. However, those criticisms do not apply to the forms made by US Legal Forms, as the forms we reviewed were compliant with the specific requirements of Alabama law. While you will have to fill out the forms yourself, it is not particularly difficult to fill in the blanks of a standard legal form that you can download in Word or Wordperfect format.

Our first recommendation is always that you retain an attorney or a law firm to prepare customized legal documents for your situation. However, if you are in need of Alabama legal forms and cannot afford the fees charged by a law office, then we recommend you consider US Legal Forms. Visit our Alabama Legal Forms page to learn more about the forms available for download. You can find the legal document you need by clicking through the following categories of forms, which will take you to another page with a detailed listing of the forms being made available to you.

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