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Alabama Deed Forms – How to Draft a Deed in Alabama

Alabama Deed Forms

One of the common real estate transactions people try to conduct without the assistance of an attorney is the drafting and execution of deeds. This is risky, and should only be done by someone who actually knows the legal significance of the documents and the terminology used to convey the property. Do not draft a deed on your own if you don’t know what you are doing. It is better to spend a little money on an attorney to get a form right than to wind up spending thousands of dollars on an attorney trying to fix a mistake.

For those who wish to prepare their own Alabama deed forms, we have compiled the following list of deeds through our affiliate relationship with US Legal Forms. Please note that our law practice focuses solely on Alabama appellate law, so please do not contact us for assistance with a a real estate form. These forms are merely provided as a service to the visitors of our website. To review other Alabama legal forms available for download, visit our Alabama Legal Forms page.

You can download the entire package of Alabama Deed Forms through this link, or download the following individual files:

» Warranty Deed to Individual
» Warranty Deed to Joint Tenants With Right of Survivorship
» Warranty Deed to Tenants in Common
» Warranty Deed to Corporation
» Warranty Deed from Corporation
» Quitclaim Deed
» Deed Reserving Life Estate
» Deed Reserving Life Estate and Lifetime Timber-Mineral Rights
» Deed with Mortgage Assumption
» Executor’s Deed
» Clerk’s Deed
» Correction Deed
» Three-Way Survivorship Deed
» Deed Signed By Power of Attorney

While it is always best to hire an attorney to handle real estate transactions such as drafting a deed. these forms are available as an option to those who cannot afford a lawyer or who have enough knowledge of real estate law to not need an attorney. Use caution in using any real estate form you have prepared for yourself.

Alabama State Bar rules require the following disclaimer in all attorney advertisements: “No representation is made that the quality of legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of services provided by other attorneys.”