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Alabama Eviction Forms and Landlord-Tenant Documents

Alabama Eviction Forms for Landlords

An unfortunate reality of being a landlord is that sometimes you have to evict a tenant. Alabama has strict laws concerning evictions, so make sure to follow the process carefully. While it is always best to have an eviction handled by an Alabama attorney, some landlords prefer to handle the eviction process on their own. For those situations, we have compiled the following list of Alabama eviction forms through our affiliate relationship with US Legal Forms.

Please note that our law practice focuses solely on Alabama appellate law, so please do not contact us for assistance with an eviction. These forms are merely provided as a service to the visitors of our website. To review other Alabama legal forms available for download, visit our Alabama Legal Forms page.

Alabama Landlord Tenant Eviction Forms Package (a complete set of all the forms listed below)
» Termination & Notice to Quit
» Demand For Possession
» Complaint For Unlawful Detainer
» Notice of Trial
» Return of Service
» Unable to Serve – Service By Mail
» Eviction Order
» Writ of Restitution or Possession

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