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Alabama Personal Injury Lawyer – Litigation and Appeals

Alabama Personal Injury Lawyer – Litigation and Appeals

Finding the best Alabama personal injury lawyer for your case is difficult. No one lawyer is the best at all kinds of injury cases, and not every attorney is the right match for every client. The problem with finding a good Alabama personal injury lawyer is made even more difficult by almost every lawyer claiming to handle personal injury lawsuits, because none of them want  to pass up  a big case. As a result, lawyers whose primary practice has nothing to do with personal injury litigation often claim to specialize in personal injury law when they really know little about the subject.

Our firm has handled personal injury claims all over Alabama at the trial court level as well as in the appellate courts. We know personal injury law and we have experience in the correct way to handle a personal injury claim. While our practice now focuses primarily on Alabama appellate law, we still accept a limited number of personal injury claims at the trial court level within our firm. If we do not take on your case, we will provide you with a referral to the attorney or law firm we think is best for your case. We provide a free consultation by phone or by email to anyone with questions about a personal injury claim. To discuss your situation with us, fill out our Contact form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Because the emphasis of our law practice is on appellate court cases, we refer most trial-level cases to the lawyer or law firm we believe would be the best choice for your personal injury claim. We make a point of knowing which attorneys are at the top of their field in their chosen specialty, so that when we make a referral we know we are putting the client into the hands of an attorney we can trust. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to personal injury lawsuits, so there is no one lawyer or law firm who receives all of our referrals. We tailor our referrals to the specific needs of the client, and we provide this service at no charge to you. This provides you with a more meaningful referral than you would get from a lawyer referral service that just refers you to a lawyer who has paid them an advertising fee. We only provide quality  referrals to good lawyers who we believe would be appropriate for your particular case. To learn more about lawyer referral services, click here. To contact us to find out whether you have a good case, click here.

Please be aware that if the lawyer we refer you to is successful in obtaining financial compensation for you,  it is standard practice in personal injury claims for the lawyer who handles the case to pay a referral fee to the lawyer who made the referral. This does not increase your fees or expenses, because the referral fee comes solely from the attorney’s fee. This is a standard practice in the personal injury litigation industry, and happens in almost all contingent fee case referrals whether the client knows about it or not. We choose to disclose it up front because you have a right to know we may gain financially from consulting with you, and that financial incentive provides additional incentive to us to make sure your case lands in the hands of an attorney who is able to obtain the best results.

If you need to hire an Alabama personal injury lawyer, fill out our online Contact form or call our office toll-free at (800) 737-3702 for a free consultation. We will consult with you about the facts of your case, discuss the legal issues that appear to be initially present, and give you honest answers about whether or not we think you have a good injury case. If we think you have a case worth pursuing, we’ll either accept the case ourselves or we will make recommendations on which attorney we think would be the best for your case. Click here to Contact us online. If you are reading this page because you need to appeal the results of a personal injury trial, please read about our appellate law practice here. In either situation, we want to hear from you.

Alabama State Bar rules require the following disclaimer in all attorney advertisements: “No representation is made that the quality of legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of services provided by other attorneys.”