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Lawyer Gifts – Recommended Books for New Lawyers or Law Students

by William L. Pfeifer, Jr. February 22, 2014

I am sometimes asked by new lawyers or law students if there are any books I would recommend that they read as part of developing their career in the legal profession. The specific books I recommend may vary according to the particular interests of the person, but there are four books that I think should […]

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Avvo and Alabama Law – Useful but Beware of Bad Legal Advice on Avvo

by William L. Pfeifer, Jr. February 20, 2014 is a useful website where you can learn about attorneys, post questions, and get free legal advice on a variety of topics on Alabama law. I have written several articles about Avvo in the past when I wrote for, and overall I think they have a good system. I am also honored that […]

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Etowah County Criminal Defense – Electronic Filing Returns for Criminal Cases

by William L. Pfeifer, Jr. January 27, 2014

Etowah County Presiding Circuit Judge Wm. Allen Millican issued an order earlier this month permitting attorneys to use electronic filing for motions, documents, and orders in criminal cases. While most courts in the State of Alabama have been permitting this for some time, the Etowah County Circuit Court in July of 2011 ordered that electronic […]

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Alabama Prison Life – Another Reason to Appeal Felony Convictions in Alabama

by William L. Pfeifer, Jr. January 17, 2014

There are many reasons to appeal a felony conviction in Alabama. One of the biggest reasons is that the living conditions in Alabama prisons are terrible. Surprisingly, the prison conditions for women are often much worse than for the men. This has been recently documented by a federal investigation into the condition at the Julia […]

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Alabama Appellate Law FAQs Updated – Common Questions for Appellate Lawyers

by William L. Pfeifer, Jr. December 10, 2013

Our website includes a FAQ (frequently asked questions) page where we have posted information about some of the common questions we receive from new clients. Although it is still a work in progress, the page has been updated today with answers to more of your commonly asked questions. Some of the topics we have updated […]

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Drug Conviction Bars Eligibility to Receive Food Stamps – Another Reason to Appeal Felony Drug Court Convictions

by William L. Pfeifer, Jr. December 2, 2013

There are many reasons to appeal felony drug convictions in Alabama – incarceration, excessive fines, invasive drug screen monitoring, deportation (for immigrants), loss of student loans for college (in some situations), and the list goes on and on. Another consequence many people are unaware of is that a felony drug conviction will prevent you from […]

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Do you need a new lawyer to handle your appeal?

by William L. Pfeifer, Jr. November 7, 2013

When people learn their case is heading into the Alabama appellate court system, a common question is whether they need to hire an appellate lawyer to handle the appeal Many people choose to hire an appellate attorney who focuses his practice on appeals rather than continue to use their trial lawyer, since most trial lawyers […]

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How to appeal an award of attorney’s fees in Alabama appellate cases

by William L. Pfeifer, Jr. November 7, 2013

How to appeal an award of attorney’s fees in Alabama appellate cases. There are certain situations where a judge may order a party to a lawsuit to pay the legal fees of the opposing party. In those situations, one of the biggest areas of disagreement can be over what amount qualifies as a reasonable attorney’s […]

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Updated Payment System

by William L. Pfeifer, Jr. October 3, 2013

We have recently updated our online payment system to use LawPay rather than our old credit card processing options. To pay your legal fees online using Visa, Mastercard, American Express (AMEX), or Discover, please go to the Payment page on our website for further instructions. To discuss hiring our office to handle your appeal, please […]

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Legal Forms Database Expanded for National Coverage of 50 States

by William L. Pfeifer, Jr. October 1, 2013

Legal Forms Online for All 50 States Based on the popularity of the Alabama Legal Forms we made available online a few months ago, we have expanded our legal forms database to provide coverage of all fifty states. These are do-it-yourself legal forms that you can download for handling common personal or family law needs. […]

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Alabama Medical Malpractice – Appellate Victory against Publix Pharmacy

by William L. Pfeifer, Jr. August 29, 2013

Our office recently won a medical malpractice appeal against Publix for pharmacy negligence. Although the appeal was based on a lawsuit against a pharmacy rather than a physician, the case falls within the scope of the Alabama Medical Liability Act (AMLA) which governs medical malpractice actions. The lawsuit, Dr. Michelle D. Morgan vs Publix Super […]

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Top 100 Trial Lawyers: National Trial Lawyers Association Names William Pfeifer to Top 100 List

by William L. Pfeifer, Jr. July 18, 2013

Alabama appellate attorney William L. Pfeifer, Jr., has been selected as one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers in Alabama by the National Trial Lawyers Association for his work in the area of criminal defense law. The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 is an invitation-only organization composed of premier trial lawyers who meet stringent qualifications for […]

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Alabama Appellate Lawyer on Facebook

by William L. Pfeifer, Jr. June 12, 2013

We have now launched an appellate law page on Facebook called Alabama Appellate Lawyer. On this page, we will be sharing a variety of information related to Alabama law with a particular focus on issues related to appeals. If you are a frequent user of Facebook, you can easily know when we’ve posted new information […]

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Alabama Criminal Appeal Forms – How to File a Criminal Appeal in Alabama

by William L. Pfeifer, Jr. May 25, 2013

What forms do you need to file a criminal appeal in Alabama? A Google search on this question will lead to a lot of appellate lawyer websites, but a list of which forms to file to start the appellate process is hard to find online. We are fixing that problem by providing information about the […]

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Appellate Lawyer Website Plagiary – Hire the Original Rather than the Imitation

by William L. Pfeifer, Jr. May 24, 2013

Appellate lawyer website plagiary – sometimes it is done by lawyers and sometimes it is done by website designers working for lawyers. Either way, those who do it demonstrate both a lack of originality as well as a lack of ethics. It has come to our attention that some other appellate law firms have been […]

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