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Appellate Criminal Defense

Alabama Appellate Criminal Defense Lawyer

A person arrested for a felony in Alabama needs the assistance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer, particularly when the defendant has been convicted and is seeking to get the conviction off of his or her record through an appeal.  Attorney William L. Pfeifer, Jr. (Bill Pfeifer) has been practicing law since 1993, is a former staff attorney to the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals, and has represented clients in criminal cases ranging from incidents as minor as speeding tickets to charges as serious as capital murder. Articles he has written on issues related to criminal defense have appeared in publications such as The Alabama Lawyer (published by the Alabama State Bar Association) and The Guardian (the newsletter of ACDLA, the Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyers Association), and he has taught continuing legal education (CLE) courses to other criminal defense lawyers.  He operates a statewide criminal defense practice, defending individuals accused of crimes in courts all across the State of Alabama. While his practice now focuses on appellate law and on post-conviction relief, he also still accepts some trial-level criminal defense cases to defend those who have been wrongfully accused of a crime.

Even if you have already lost your case at trial and have been convicted of a felony, we may be able to assist you through appealing your conviction or by filing a Rule 32  petition. To learn more about the criminal appeals process, visit our Appeals page. Rule 32 petitions can be filed on a number of grounds, but the two most common approaches are to allege ineffective assistance of trial counsel or to produce new evidence of innocence (called “newly discovered evidence”).  By filing an appeal or a Rule 32 petition, we may be able to get your conviction reversed or obtain you a new trial. Several articles on appeals and on Rule 32 claims are posted in our blog. You can also read the Alabama Rules of Appellate Procedure on our website by clicking here.

Some of the criminal appeals cases we handle include:
• Capital murder (including death penalty defense);
• Theft, vandalism, criminal mischief, and other property crimes;
• Robbery (with or without a weapon or violence);
• Burglary, breaking and entering an automobile, and other unlawful entry offenses;
• Drug crimes such as drug trafficking, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, or possession of controlled substances (crack, cocaine, meth, etc), improper possession of prescription drugs, etc.;
• Assault, domestic violence, and other crimes of violence;
• Harassment, harassing communications, and related charges;
• Sex crimes such as rape, sexual abuse, sexual misconduct, indecent exposure, etc.;
Appeals from convictions already entered against defendants in criminal cases in any county in Alabama;
Rule 32 (ineffective assistance of counsel) petitions to set aside criminal convictions entered against people who were represented by other attorneys at trial;
• Other conduct that can serve as the basis for an arrest in Alabama.

To discuss your case, please give Mr. Pfeifer a call at 800-737-3702 Extension 1, or fill out our online contact form to reach him by email.

Alabama State Bar rules require the following disclaimer in all attorney advertisements: “No representation is made that the quality of legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of services provided by other attorneys.”

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