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Alabama Rules of Appellate Mediation

The Alabama Rules of Appellate Mediation were enacted by the Alabama Supreme Court as alternative means for resolving appeals in civil cases in Alabama.  The rules posted below are current through the 2010 amendments.  We have posted the text of all of the rules as well as the committee comments, but we have not included the forms or the appendixes at this time.

The following links contain the text of each of the Alabama Rules of Appellate Mediation:

  • Rule 2. Screening for Mediation.
    1. Content of Forms
    2. Eligible Cases
    3. Pre-Screening of Cases
      1. Mediation Case-Screening Form (Form 2)
      2. Confidential Statement (Form 3)
    4. Notice to Clerk (and Court Reporter) to Stay Proceedings on Appeal (Form 4)
    5. Exceptions
    6. Filing of Cross or Related Appeals Not Stayed
  • Rule 3. Referral to Mediation.
    1. Referral to Mediation
      1. Order of Referral to Mediation (Form 5)
      2. Report on Status of Selection of Mediator (Form 6)
    2. Appointment of Mediator
      1. Order Appointing Mediator Pursuant to Stipulation of the Parties (Form 7)
      2. Order Appointing Mediator AbsentStipulation of the Parties (Form 8)
    3. Referral by the Court
    4. Mediation Time Frame
  • Rule 4. Appellate Mediator.
    1. Qualifications of Mediator
      1. Appellate Mediator Roster
      2. Nonroster Mediator
    2. Duty of Mediator Before Accepting Appointment
    3. Inability of Mediator to Serve
    4. Authority of Mediator
    5. Ethics
    6. Fees and Expenses
    7. Billings to Parties
    8. Pro Bono Mediators
      1. Motion for Waiver of Mediator Fees (Form 9 and Form 9A)
      2. Order Appointing Pro Bono Mediator (Form 10)
    9. Disqualification of an Appellate Mediator
  • Rule 5. Mediation Procedures.
    1. Time and Place of Mediation
    2. Rescheduling Mediation
    3. Additional Mediation Sessions
    4. No Record
    5. Extensions
    6. Attendance at Mediation Session
    7. Submission of Mediation Statement and Documents
    8. Conduct of Mediation
    9. Sanctions

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