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Referrals from Lawyers

Referrals, Legal Outsourcing, and Of-Counsel Agreements

One of the ways our office receives appellate cases is through referrals from other attorneys. Sometimes lawyers with less experience handling appeals involve attorney Bill Pfeifer as a legal consultant to provide advice on appellate procedure or on specific aspects of writing an appeal. More often, the referring firm wants to transfer the entire responsibility for the case to our office, or at least to have Mr. Pfeifer involved as co-counsel or in an “of counsel” capacity to take primary responsibility for the appellate brief.

There are many reasons Alabama trial lawyers refer their appeals to our office rather than write the briefs themselves. Many attorneys do not handle appeals, or only do so reluctantly. Lawyers with busy trial practices may not be able to devote their full attention to one client’s appellate brief for the length of time necessary to do the job correctly. And many lawyers simply cannot tolerate conducting legal research for long periods of time. For all of these lawyers, referring their appellate clients to our office is a logical decision. Some wish to remain involved in the case in a nominal way while the case moves through the appellate courts, while others wish to cut their ties to the case once it goes up on appeal. Our office is available to work with trial lawyers under either of these arrangements. And since our focus is on appellate law, you do not have to worry about us “stealing” your client if the outcome of the appeal is an order for a new trial.

Our office is pleased to work with trial lawyers in a variety of situations, whether it is as a complete referral or in an of-counsel arrangement. To discuss referring your client’s appeal to our office or to involve us in your client’s appeal as co-counsel, please fill out our online Contact form or call Bill Pfeifer at (800) 737-3702 Ext. 1.

Alabama State Bar rules require the following disclaimer in all attorney advertisements: “No representation is made that the quality of legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of services provided by other attorneys.”